About Me

I am a designer, a lover of details, a forager extraordinaire, and a collector. In my home I pay attention to me. What makes me happy?

My style is primitive but sophisticated, funny and serious, collected and unique. An 18th Century immigrants trunk with it’s original paint, a bowl of beat up softballs because my girls were softball players, a French voters registration because I liked the cartouche, a bow legged Queen Ann dressing table with original plumb pudding finish… Is it a fine example of beauty and craftsmanship from the 18th Century? Well it is 18th Century but no, it has bowed legs and it makes me smile!

I love to create something out of nothing. I like to bring old architectural elements into my home and find new purposes for them. I pound nails and saw boards, I paint, sand and refinish, build cabinets, and in my free time I play in my garden. Well, my garden requires much more than free time, but these are the things that bring me peace.

For the Love of Old is born out of my passion to share the things I have learned over my 40 years of collecting and my 28 years as a designer. To create a place where we can have a conversation about the things we love and how to meld them into our 21st century life.

It is my hope that you will come along for the ride and let’s see where we end up.