Last Breath of Summer or Best Laid Plans!

Sometimes you can’t make a nickel.  My oldest daughters birthday was Friday and we decided to have a birthday party on Sunday.  I’ve been planning this party all week, kind of a bon voyage’ to summer.  Dining El Fresco on the deck.  I really wanted this to be special for her, she turned 41.

Days before I headed out to the nurseries looking for just the right pumpkins for the centerpiece and concocted what I would pull from my stash to go with these magical pumpkins I had purchased,  What to do for dishes and tablecloth etc. 

I set out at 6:00am for a good cleaning of the deck, scrub the vinyl rug, because you know it’s outside.  No point doing it a day ahead of time.  Dust the furniture, make the food preparations we’re in great shape.

Birthday Table

At about 9:30 I start to set this mythical table that I have in my head and it is going along beautifully.  I’m loving the result, so simple but really fun.  Done!

Skewer the beef, fill the deviled eggs, put the salad together, throw together the roasted potatoes.  Check!  Everything is ready for last minute cooking.

Everyone is coming at 2:00, it is now 12:30 and time for shower, hair scrub, and get ready.  I style the hair, make up and get dressed.  Back to the kitchen now with apron.

I’m really excited because the deck looks wonderful, table is sparkling in the sunlight, fountain is gurgling perfectly.  Lawn games and squirt guns at the ready in the back yard, check.

Hubby says “Have you taken pictures of this table yet.”  No, I will.  20 minutes later “You taken a picture of this table yet” No, I will. Ok, Ok I’ll do it now.  (He was anxious to get sprayed.)  I took the pictures and went in to get a sheet to cover the table.  Table covered, Job done, check. Take cover off the table, check.  Making last minute preparations in the kitchen, zero hour 2:00.

The grandsons show up with an explosion of noise and babble.  The five year old bursts out the back door to be with Poppy.  But the 3 year old is not feeling so hot, so mom has him snuggled down on the couch.  Oh well, maybe it was just the drive over, I say to myself.  He’ll perk up.

The five year old comes back in, and says Nanna you might want to cover the table.  It’s sprinkling.  I look out the door and see a few drops and resigned I go get the sheet to cover again.  I come back in and a few minutes later I hear from my husband “I hope you have a plan B“. At this moment the skies open up, my daughter and I are scrambling to clear the table and my husband is covering the furniture.

It is raining so hard that the salad bowls are filling with water before we can get them cleared.  The table clothes a soggy wet mass and so am I.  Hair and clothes sticking to my skin.

About this time the birthday girl shows up.  She says “I bet you had a fabulous table set.”  Yup, I did.  I can show you pictures.    Then the 16 year old granddaughter shows up to pay homage to her mother but, she has a cold and feeling really crumby.

We set about trying to reorganize everything which was a huge undertaking.  The birthday girl says “Mom where are we going to eat”.  I just looked at her and said “umm, All over the house”.  The table was a sea of dishes and platters all refugees from a happier time.  No room to eat.  We ate upstairs, downstairs, lying on the couch!

After a rousing rendition of happy birthday sung very off key, we all separated to our separate corners of the world.  The 16 year old on her way to an emergicare in tears, the 3 year old off to nurse his fever.  The birthday girl to a concert.  Aunt, Uncle, and Grandmother shaking their heads saying what was that?  I took a nap!  It was 4:30.

Best laid plans!



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